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RBD Soybean Oil

Selection of premium quality soybeans and  integrated manufacturing approach with stringent quality control from raw material until finished products allow us to produce premium quality Soybean Oil with the food safety features in place.  Combined with our multi innovative packaging and storage solutions, we strive to produce a Value for Money products for our customers. We produce a various range of Refined Soybean Oil for various applications

  • RBD Soybean Oil Food Grade (Standard Quality)
  • RBD Soybean Oil Food Grade (Premium Quality)
  • RBD Soybean Oil (PCR Negative) Grade
  • RBD Soybean Oil BP Grade
  • RBD Soybean Oil Technical Grade
  • RBD Soybean Oil (non-GMO)

Available in packing size as follows:

  • 20-21 MT flexibag
  • 195 kg net drums
  • 20 litres net tins
  • 20 litres net jerricans
  • 17 kg net tins
  • 1, 2 and 5 litres net PET Bottles