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Corn Semolina (4911)

Corn semolina 4911 is produced from specially selected non-genetically modified corn. It is in the form of fine granules that is yellow to light orange in colour. Corn Semolina is highly recommended to be used as topping for pizza and bread crust. It is also suitable to be used in breading and battering, bakery products, cereal product, extruded snack food product, and as thickening agent.

Produced in a HACCP-certified plant that is dedicated to the handling and manufacturing of only non gm corn, we are able to comply to the strictest European Union (EU) regulation on non gm labeling. We also implement a very comprehensive food safety screening as part of our HACCP program and this includes the screening of pesticide residues, mycotoxins, pathogens and heavy metals on our raw materials and finished products.


Available in:

  • 25 kg net paper bag